Metal Buildings continued:  Our tubing bends are formed by special benders. The bends actually strengthen the tubing and causes it to act as an H beam. Our competitors use a crush bender that weakens the tubing which is why they require braces on their bends.    Benefits to you: Your building will be the strongest against storms, wind, snow and ice. Engineered for a 30 lb snow load and 110 mph wind!  Clean lines underneath with no ugly braces to attrack nesting birds over your expensive vehicles!

Longer inserts for core strength. We use a 2'  upright insert on our base rails and an 18" insert at all splices. Our legs are sleeve fit and are adjustable for leveling your building. Cheaper buildings have a 6" upright and 12" splice insert. They are not adjustable. Not as strong!

Powder coated colored screws to match your siding and Foam Closure Strips to fill in outer ridges of sheet metal.  Colored screws just look better and ours are larger for more stregth. Foam Closure seals out bugs, dust, and rain. Our competitors offer neither!

Built by local employees   who live in the Longview area and are US citizens! Benefit to you - Supports our local and national economy and families.  You can be confident that we know who we send to your home!

Portable Storage Sheds.  Our portable buildings are the best on the market and are built in Longview, Texas. Our wall studs are 2' oc with a top and bottom plate. We build heavy wood reinforced corners that we designed ourselves. We only use 3/4 " tongue and groove plywood for the floors. We know you will fill up your building, and our thicker plywood floors are much stronger than others on the market.  We use 4x6 treated wood skids, 2x6 floor joists, and 3/4 plywood floor.  Just walk in one of our buildings and feel the difference!

We offer overhead lofts and workbenches using the same 3/4" plywood. No wafer board! We do not cut corners to save a few pennies!  We also offer single doors, double doors, and windows. Plus 40 year warranty sheet metal siding in beautiful colors. Our prices include free local delivery and set up.

Shop around! Our prices are competive and usually lower than our competition for the same product.  But our quality is the best! There is a difference! We are a local, family owned business with local caring employees.  Our sales professionals are very knowlegable, friendly, and low key. Stop by and pick out or design your beautiful new backyard storage shed today! A building for a lifetime!