Why A-1 Quality Metal Buildings?

Engineered all steel framing.  Not a post frame building! No wood to warp, crack or split. No termites or dry rot!

Framing is 3x2 High Strength Mechanical Grade Tubing that is produced in America by Allied Tubing. Allied produces steel for sky scrapers, so we know that we are offering the highest quality! A super strong life-time building!

The highest quality steel is only made in America! It may cost a little more, but you can be confident of its composition and lasting quality.  Our competition uses imported steel.  There is no comparision! You will know you have the best!

Mechanical Grade Tubing means it is produced to meet specific end-use requirements, specifications, & tolerances.  Our competition uses commodity grade standard pipe from foreign steel like you might use in fence posts or stop signs.  All steel is not equal! Mechanical grade is consistent.  It is the best!

Benefit to You.  You will have a super strong structure, because the tubing was produced specifically for light guage steel building construction.  Its composition is uniform throughout the tubing.  You will not worry whether it will withstand the storm! 

Patented Flo-Coat Process is a triple coating process on the galvanized tubing.  The final outside coat is a clear coat. The tubing is also coated on the inside for rust resistance. Our competition uses plain old galvanized tubing that will begin to rust inside and out in a short period of time in the East Texas humidity and ground moisture.

Benefit to You - Very little to no maintenance!  Peace of mind!  You will have the best quality! A life-time building!